Saturday, January 27, 2007

Was Friday a Monday?

In some alternate universe? Not a pleasant beginning to the weekend. I:

-worked on my disertation at the library, but then left my drive there. It is not in lost and found. I'm not totally panicking because I think I saved the work to my account there. But there are some things on that drive that might not be anywhere else. Why the hell would someone take it?

-got an e-mail from an archivist at Wisconsin Historical Society about some microfilm I've been waiting for since November (lots of ILL issues). He wanted to let me know that he'd given me the wrong call number. Mind you, the ILL request is floating out there, so I'll probably get the wrong microfilm. Again.

-realized my brakes could not go another day without some work. $250!! I so love spending money on my car.

-found out it was supposed to rain again today. And it did. Blech!

-went to bed about midnight and woke up around 4:30, wide awake. Didn't get back to sleep until after six, so when I had to get up at eight, I could've beaten the hell out of somebody!

-am sleepy right now and my sister just called to say, "Let's do something! It's Saturday."

Yes, wet, dreary, sleepy Saturday and she chooses this one day to be chipper and outgoing.


Sylvia said...

Ewww, seeing all that productivity makes me ill... ;-p

You should make up your procrastinatory obligations on Sunday. Sylvia approves this message.

elle said...

sylvia, i put off productivity so long that i've hit bottom. i have to do something, much as it pains me. :-)

RageyOne said...

Awwww, so sorry Friday was such a bad day for you. I hope that drive turns up for you.

Sis may have some good things planned to take your mind off of Friday. I hope the day is good for ya!

Anonymous said...

ELLE!! $250??? Hubby could have done it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your Sunday is better! :-)

elle said...

well, $195 plus $50 to do something with the tires (rotate, balance and something else) that they claimed I needed. So yeah, right at $250 with tax.

I didn't know--last time I had significant brake stuff it was b/w 300 and 400, so I thought that was okay. tell him don't cuss me out. plus,he was tired!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Sounds like I need to key up Monica's "Just One of Those Days..." for you. Hope the weekend brightened up a little bit for you....

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