Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Family Blogging-Basketball Edition

Okay, so it's Sunday. I started it last night. The kids are in a basketball league. A few shots from game day:

Sis and son after his team's win.

BF TX and son. She's not standing, so y'all can't see how disgustingly cute she is pregnant.

The Kid and my reluctant godson, pre-game.

Trying not to look smug in victory.


Anonymous said...

cute pics!

Gwyneth Bolton said...


Anonymous said...

Cute is not a word I would use!! :-)

Um, a sista couldn't photoshop out the bra-strap??? ;-)

The kiddo is still mad at me for not letting him play. This Saturday should be interesting.

elle said...

LOL. Sorry!

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