About Me

I'm a historian who specializes in 20th century U.S. history, particularly African American, southern labor, and women's history. Aside from more traditional courses, I also teach special topics on things like the construction of race and femininity. I know, those are huge topics, but I select a few themes and stick with those--despite my desire to explore every aspect. I always manage to delve into how our perceptions of race, class, gender, and sexuality are reflected in/shaped by popular culture. That brings me into the present day quite a bit, but we can't understand all that without good history lessons, right?

I'm a mother of one pre-teen, attitude-having, sarcastic, funny, sometimes sweet boy. It's been an experience.

I identify as feminist*, even though other feminists quite often make me want to tug out my hair (actually, given my absent eyelashes, they might just be successful). I don't understand feminism in the way that divorces "women's issues" from other forms of oppression and injustice, though. Miss me with that.

I cook a lot. It's an expression of love and creativity and a soother of my weary soul. I plan parties, apparently because I like to weep and wail and run myself ragged.

I write a little. I want to write more. I lack the discipline right now--how entertained y'all would be if y'all could peer into my brain, though. Trust me; there are so many stories and thoughts circulating there--where they are doomed, I'm afraid, to stay. I think my lack of discipline will remedy itself as this tenure clock keeps ticking, however.

There's not much more to say. I adore my friends and family. I've been extremely lucky in that regard. I am sarcastic and can be bossy and more cutting than I mean to be. I am impatient and spend quite a bit of time feeling exasperated. Anxiety is my constant companion. And I am oh-so-shy. Ridiculously so.

I'm pretty open on this blog, if you want more info or insights. I've grown quite a bit since I began it from the pit of despair that is the "grad school experience."
*Maybe I don't. I don't know right now. I find myself increasingly pissed off and pushed out.
Revelations and ruminations from one southern sistorian...