Monday, November 23, 2009

Cumpleanos y Mas

Happy Birthday to me!

Reactions have been mixed. My friend Coti and my dad act as if they are in awe:

Coti: "Damn, girl, you almost 40?

Daddy: "You 35?!?!?!" (He's reflecting on what it means that he has a 35-year-old child. Yes, Pops, you're a senior citizen. :-)

I've received numerous birthday wishes, including a rousing version of "Feliz Cumpleanos." You have to be grateful for Dora's alleviation of young Americans' un-sophisticated monolingualism. You also have to be grateful to have wonderful friends and family and gentle reminders from FB.

I have my 3-year-old goddaughter. This is a talking, squealing, bossy little mama. She finally noticed my dad's leg. Unlike some of the smaller kids in the family who have been hesitant to approach him or even been fearful (which I hate for him), she had to conduct a minute inspection:

"Paw-Paw, you broke your leg off?"

"Nah, baby they cut off."

"You did that? You cut your leg?"

"No, the doctor?"

"With a knife? Why they do that?"

So, he debated explaining it, then went with, "It was bad."

Then, she said, "Paw-Paw, let me see," at which point, a careful examination complete with soft murmurs and sympathetic pats to his leg ensued.

It took forever to get her settled and Ms.Thing was back up before 8 AM. To say I am not used to that is an understatement.

Surprisingly, I have no plans for today. Went with friends and family for a birthday dinner Saturday. Having a party this weekend. Forgot to plan to do something on my actual birthday! I might spend it grading. That would be a wonderful gift to myself--to go back to work with a clean slate :-p

I will take down the twist-set C-Payne did on my hair so I can be wavy and cute as I bleed red ink all over essay exams.

I think it will be okay. :-)
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