Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13, 1913

Delta Sigma Theta.

Is anything else so sublime, so invigorating, so awe-inspiring and yet so much like a gentle, lyrical caress to the human ear?


Today, my Sorority is 94 years old. It has been a turbulent but blessed, beautiful, historic, journey.

For Gwyn, Ragey, BF TX, BF LA, and any other Sorors who stop by--Happy Founders' Day!

For my line sisters, I think of this probate chant:
We are the ladies,
Of Delta Sigma Theta,
Everyone knows,
There's no one greater!
Elegance, Intelligence,
You know we are live.
We are the new Deltas
Spring 95.*

And here is my cousin, still a neophyte, representing:


*Lord, I'm old!!!


brownfemipower said...

wow, she's representing *very* *well*!!!! Tell her she's beautiful!!!! :-)

brownfemipower said...

ps. I never would have figured you for a loyal sorority sister!!!! I guess I figured you'd be like ol' bfp, spitting gum at the stuck up sorority girls!!! :-)

Well, it's nice to know that there's somebody I like who's a sister--now I can make alliances and stuff. LOL.

elle said...

and i can't tell that chick she's beautiful--her head already barely fits in the room!!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Happy Founders Day, Elle! I gave you a shout out on my blog as well along with Rageyone.

RageyOne said...

Happy Founders Elle! Young soror is really stylin'!

Ms.Minx said...

Happy (belated) Founder's Day, Soror :)

*You're not old, lol, let's just call u "close to being a Seasoned Soror" for now :p

Thanks for stopping by!!

Southern_Lady said...

Happy belated Founder's Day to you, also, Soror! Congrats on working on the dissertation. Maybe one day, I'll upgrade my Masters. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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