Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Speaking of resolutions, let me give y'all some inspiration. See, each year I still half-heartedly resolve to lose weight.

I went to the (yes, THE, as in only) clinic in my hometown the Tuesday after Christmas (had a jaw problem that made it feel like my head was about to explode each time I pressed the side of my face or behind my ear--which is why I thought it was an earache). Just so happens that I'd also been there December 29, 2005. Well, when comparing my statistics, lo and behold, it turns out I lost weight over the last year.

A whole one-and-a-half pounds!

Now, if someone as haphazard (trust me, that's a perfect adjective) as me can succeed, so can you!


Abadiebitch said...

You didn't gain weight. That is good. I heard gaining and losing ten pounds or more is worse than just staying overweight.

Zan said...

Whoohoo! Go you ;) And yes, the cycle of up and down is much much worse than a stable weight.

I too have lost weight this year. And I'm pretty damned haphazard myself ;) In that, I didn't do it on purpose, I just found a way of eating that makes me feel better. Who know that cutting out fast food (well, cutting down. No more than once or twice a week now) and cutting down your cokes to one or two a day could make you lose so much? (Yeah, I'm serious. It's really sad for me to realize just how many calories I was consuming from those sources. I lost TWO pants sizes this year! That's like 30 pounds.)

Also, having your gallbladder taken out? I recommend it. Should you need it ;) I lost five pounds in an hour!

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