Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Lesson for elle, the Verbose

So, Kactus tagged me. A story in six words. I've been thinking and thinking. Results so far:

His suitcases, packed. My heart, broken.

A vicious sting. It slithered away.

She gave everything. It wasn't enough.

I like doing this. In the meantime, I tag Julie, Ragey, InfoScholar, Gwyn, Zan, and anyone else who wants to participate.

And BF TX, leave one in the comments :-)


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Tagged by Elle, again! This sucks.

How's that?

elle said...


Nonpartisan said...

"Love me, or die." "No! Augh..."

Aliens invaded my house! I'm changed...

History -- doomed to repeat itself. History...

elle said...


though i am especially partial to the history one

Nonpartisan said...

Me too -- history is always best. :)

Julie said...

New niece. Starry eyed. That's me!


Dissertation woes. No motivation. Permanent ABD?


Anonymous said...

Oh Elle! It's a boy! :-)

elle said...

Dissertation woes. No motivation. Permanent ABD?

I'm so stealing that.

And BF TX... as long as he's healthy (sigh).

InfoScholar said...

"Much angst. Brain blocked. Boring output."

I do love the history one and the ABD one. Damn good stuff!

[and congrats to Julie...I'm going to have a nephew in 2 months to go gaga over!]

I tried my hand on a few more over at 'my place'. Thanks Elle, at least I wrote something this week!!

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