Saturday, January 13, 2007

help... weak... need... food

So, Sis and I are waiting anxiously to go out to dinner. But since I struck a deal with the devils last night, we can't.

See, the kids get to watch TV Friday and Saturday night. They'd made big plans to watch Jump In on Disney last night. But, I had errands to run and Sis was out so they had to go with me. I promised they could watch it tonight.


Around 7:40, I gave up the battle and started watching it with them. KeKe Palmer reminds me so much of my sister, so I have a soft spot for her. And Corbin Bleu is taking over the role the lead character in High School Musical played--boy who tries to do something labeled decidedly non-manly and is harrassed for it.

My first impression? Damn, it's bad enough 99% of the Disney cartoons have main characters with dead and missing moms; must Corbin's mom be dead, too? What is it about us mamas that's so horrible and prohibitive-of-character-development?


Abadiebitch said...

I was wondering about his mother too. But I was thinking that they did not want to complex the plot by making her white (since his real father is playing his father). Shrug.

I want to know how Issy's little sister's hair was jacked up one minute and then the next it was fixed, straight part and everything. My daughter said that Issy combed it. Pssh.

elle said...

i did see that the pictures of his deceased mom (on the show) were of a brown-skinned black woman. no use in my denying it: i had a raised eyebrow at that.

i didn't see it from the beginning! when i saw it, she had two plain little ponytails.

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