Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lord, I'm Feeling It Today...

..fat, that is. And not for any reason like my pants won't fit or something.

Ok, promise not to fuss. I know I publicly swore off radio stations a while ago, but I was weak this week--I've been having the Hooked on Phonics Multiplication CD in my car since Christmas and I'm tired of it.

But anyway, witness godforsaken Station #1: Last night, they apparently had people call in who were basically saying, "I'm fat and I'm proud," or "I'm not ashamed." Okay. But then the DJs suggested that, since they had fat people representing, "Are there enough anorexics and bulimics who could call in and represent?" To which they all laughed and one guy said, "Nah, man, they're probably too weak from throwing up dinner." And the original DJ said, "I'm just saying, since anorexics and bulimics are the opposite of being fat."


Horrible Station #2: Topic for the morning? How do you feel about fat people? Chosen because one listener called in and complained about how she was sick of seeing fat people at buffets with three or four plates. And that she was tired of fat people because they were lazy and they stink. And I thought, my God, what other group could you get on the radio and say this about and have the hosts laugh?* I turned it in the middle of one girl, obviously young, who called in with tears in her voice to defend herself, "I'm fat and I don't stink. I make sure I shower everyday." I really felt sorry for her.

But really, this time, I am through. Multiplication facts never sounded so good.
Of course these are people who noted on air that the "gay brigade" was going to be after Isaiah Washington. And once the woman host thought about that, she appended, "But I love the gay brigade."


Anonymous said...

Are you serious??? Anorexia is the opposite of fat??? What the hell?

CDs are my best friend! I cannot handle those DJs' stupidities.

Abadiebitch said...

I have been thinking about a fat post lately. I don't see how people have a problem with fat people but do not have a problem with materialism. At least the fat person is hurting themselves, the materialism is hurting the planet. Yet long live spending money!

Hahni said...

Just another good reason to turn your back on mainstream media.

RageyOne said...

One of the myriad of reasons I listen to National Public Radio.

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