Monday, January 15, 2007


Three Carnivals. The resultant likelihood of elle getting any academic work done on this cold, rainy day... mmm... approximately 0%. But if I read up now, I'll be good the rest of the week, promise.

First, at abyss2hope, the Carnival against Sexual Violence. One highlight:
In How to tell a rape victim posted at F-Words, we get Sara's story of her experience with date rape, and how the "fate worse than death" idea kept her from recognizing it as rape because it hadn't completely broken her.
I think I know how Sara feels--in my case I took it to the point of, "Since I'm still functioning, working, writing, was I really raped?"

Next, at Working, Writing, Wailing Mama (that really should've been my name), there is the Carnival of Gradual Progress. What I need to check out posthaste:
check out the strategies for productivity provided by Jim Gibbon on overcoming procrastination and developing personal productivity. StyleyGeek gives another great roundup of such strategies here. (And don't forget to check the comment threads for more input on how the strategies are working for others.)
Finally, the 46th edition of the History Carnival is up at Investigations of a Dog. The carnival links to dcat who posted Reductio Ad Kingum. An excerpt:
But King stood for some fairly specific things in his life, and his legacy deserves more than simply to serve as a pillar of virtue for whoever can hastily utter his name first, irrespective of whether that invocation bears scrutiny.
which sounds vaguely* related to what I may have been trying to say in the post below.
vague on my part, not dcat's


Sylvia said...

Oooh, juicy stuff! (God knows I need the Carnival of Gradual Progress...) Thank you, and good luck writing! I return back to the legal cesspool later today. :(

Anonymous said...

Dammit Elle, why did you leave links to overcoming procrastination and personal productivity?! Now I'm going to read them, but in doing so I'm still procrastinating!

belledame222 said...

oh man. a carnival about procrastination! i really ought to read that. maybe tomorrow...

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