Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lord, Please Let It Be Bloating

So, it's finally getting cold here. I just pulled out a pair of jeans from last winter. Now, while my tops might get a bit snug if I gain weight (it goes straight to the boobs!), I usually don't have to worry about bottoms.

So, I pulled out these jeans...

When I tell y'all that I am in a Tight. Ass. Mess.

Please believe.

I mean, the kind of Tight. Ass. Mess. in which I look down and see one stomach sitting on top of the other, in which my thighs are alternately begging for mercy and whispering as they pass each other.

And thanksgiving, which happens to be my birthday this year, is coming up?

It's going to be a long winter.


RageyOne said...

Forgive me for smiling, but that is a funny image. Your thighs whispering to one another is a good way of putting it. :)

Here's to wishing it is bloating and the jeans fit better in a few days.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I hate it when that happens... Pounds have a way of creeping up on a sista! But yours is probably just a little bloating.

belledame222 said...

see, this is why i try to stick to stretchy-type pants, generally speaking.

yeah, though, it sucks not fitting into your clothes. i'd like to really get some more exercise, again, too, finally.

Courtney said...

Elle, you certainly have a way with words, as Rageyone mentioned.

elle said...

ragey and quinn--if only 'twere a piece of fiction and not a documentary of the sad state of my wardrobe... and penchant for eating chocolate for breakfast.

gwyn, i'm deluding myself as my period was last week.

belle, me and stretchy pants... the thighs are even worse in those!

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