Friday, November 17, 2006


Brief update:

Grading hell is over (except for 4 make up exams--but who knows when they'll get theirs :-)--I am free to return to writing purgatory.

Today I attended a rally for striking janitors and, at the suggestion of one of the organizers, did a brief interview with one of the janitors who works, through a subcontractor, for Chevron. I'm going to write it up and post, after said organizer sends me pics and/or video.

I am preparing to pack and wrap up some loose ends (i.e. throw all the perishables out) before we leave tomorrow. Blogging will, of course, be light as I have no computer of my own in Louisiana, I need to finish latest chapter, and I may spend a fair amount of time celebrating my birthday. :-)


RageyOne said...

Yea for completing the grading!

Happy *early* Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely.

Courtney said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful holiday/birthday! See you in U-Town when you get back.

brownfemipower said...

YAYAYAYA! grading hell is over!!! I share a high five with you--congratulations.

(i love teaching, I hate grading. with a passion)

Zan said...

I feel like singing a chorus of "(War)Grading is Over" for you :)

I too will be seeing the family unit for T'Day. Fortunately, it's a day trip for me, so I can still be attached to my beloved laptop! Have fun coming home to Louisiana-Hell :) As usual, it's time to wear shorts for the Holidays.

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