Monday, November 06, 2006

In Janitors' Own Words: Veronica Taboada

Clergy members did step in to support the janitors' cause. They attempted to talk with Gerald Hines, who manages 7% of Houston's commercial space. Hotel staff at the Hilton-Americas where Hines was speaking turned them away.

But no worries for Hines and the professionals with whom he was meeting!! According to the Houston Chronicle, "Despite the protest, the mood at the downtown event was upbeat."

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Anonymous said...

I remember there was a whole thing like this a fews years ago with the Holiday Inn. They paid their workers illegally low wages and when the workers protested, the Inn threatened to call the INS. Some journalists came in and took pictures of the hotel's health code violations: A "If you report them, we'll report you!" kinda thing. It worked.

These chains will do anything to avoid bad press. Striking workers won't stop rich people from staying at the Hilton, reports of rats in the kitchen will.

Maybe some people should go check out the Hilton's cleanliness.

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