Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dare I Hope?

No reassuring reports from the Republican hell in which I live--pretty much what I expected.

But MSNBC.com has an update that reads "NBC projects Democrats take control of House."

I want to go to bed now, because I'm still sick. But, 6 years ago, I went to bed on election night with Al Gore president and woke up to a disappointment like none I'd known.

So I'ma try to stick around another hour or so.

Did I mention that the only productive thing I did today was vote?


Abadiebitch said...

I love me some Al Gore and would do the nasty with him in a quick minute. LOL!

Courtney said...

Looks like SD abortion ban is going down!

elle said...

quinn, thanks for that! i've been so stuck on senate races that i forgot to check that (i'm ashamed to admit!).

why can't i make myself go to bed!!!!

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