Sunday, November 12, 2006

Janitors' Strike

From VeganKid, who was clever enough to realize, "Hmm... maybe people don't just want updates. Maybe they want to do something!"
You can get more information about the campaign and watch several more videos at the Houston Justice for Janitors website. You can head over to LabourStart and send an email to Chevron CEO David J. O’Reilly. November 15th is Chevron Day of Action, but feel free to call them any time and ask them to support the striking workers.
So, there. Get busy.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this info.
yay for doing something!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog via Rachel's. I'm a graduate assistant at the Univ. of Houston's Women's Resource Center, and a representative and I are holding a rally for the janitors of Houston outside. I'll blog that up at the end of the week.

elle said...

hey april! just found you. i'm going to e-mail you.

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