Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That Is Not Back-in-the-Day

Yesterday, my son paused a movie mid-viewing and called for me to "come see." He was watching The Sandlot, and one of the boys had on a Converse All-Stars t-shirt.

"And all the kids are wearing Chucks, Mama," he yelled at me when I'd gone back into the kitchen. He loves Chuck Taylors, btw.

"Really? It must be set back in the day?"*

Pause (to look at the Info screen, I realized later), then, "Yes, ma'am. Back in 1993."

I froze, muttered to myself, "1993 is not back in the day."

But he continued, "Did people like Chucks even way back then, too, Mama?"

This is one of those moments in a mother's life when you have to decide, do you argue the point to make yourself seem young (which your child is not going to believe anyway) or do you concede graciously?

I went with concession: "Yes, baby, even back then."

But, y'all, is 1993 really back in the day?
*The movie is set in 1962.


RageyOne said...

time is relative. 1993 is back in the day to him. not to you, nor i, but to your 10 year old son, it is. just accept it.

elle said...

but ragey, it's soooo hard to accept!

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