Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Weekend

Between birthday party preparations and getting ready to go the 30th Annual Sickle Cell Softball Tournament (I've missed like, twice, in 15 years, and once was to give birth :-), I won't be around much this weekend.

But BFP got me on youtube this morning and as I've spent an hour-and-a-half watching it while cajoling my two-month-old nephew, I wanted to share something.

Silly, but I forgot how much I liked this song:

Maybe I just like Angie Martinez, period, because hers is the only verse I can rap from Ladies' Night, too.

And I used to love this by Missy. Made me feel grown.

Anyway, since blogger allows you to schedule postings and since one of the main reasons I wanted the ability to tuck things behind a fold was so I could occasionally post the short stories that my romance-reading-self sometimes pens, I might put up a couple.

If I get my nerve up.

Have a good weekend.

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