Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brain Freeze

Yep, I pretty much got nothing.

I am working on my lectures. I'll still feel unprepared at first, though. I hate that about me!

Send me some ideas or something people.

In the meantime, QuakerDave has a link to an online petition supporting the firing of Michael Savage.


Giftie Etcetera said...

What do you teach, exactly?

QuakerDave said...

Am I just late to the party, or is this a new theme? Very nice.

Thanks for the link.

elle said...

I'm a 20th century labor historian of the U.S. South, particularly the work of black women. :-)

In the fall, I'm not teaching anything that glamorous; the second half of the U.S. survey and African American history.

And thanks, Dave!

Giftie Etcetera said...

I assume your students are not all African American?

I think an interesting discussion/assignment would be to explore "well-meaning" white people. That's how I would describe myself, I guess, since I support equal rights, recognize that things are better but not equal yet, and try my best to work towards equality. But I don't always succeed, in thought or practice. I bet loads of white people throughout history did the same; they tried, and maybe even helped, but didn't succeed. Understanding what motivated them, what went right and wrong, and what they could do differently would help the class to pull together to make change. And it's a positive class, since it's about people with good intention, whatever the true end result.

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