Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because Belittling Women Is So Much Fun!

I'm the resident celebrity news specialist around these parts, so of course I've been watching the news about last Thursday's episode of BET's 106 & Park. What has surprised me is the fact that so many other bloggers are calling it a fight.

Rocsi and Terrence did not fight. He belittled and mocked her, called her intelligence into question, and made jokes about her hygiene and her appearance. See for yourself.

Rocsi tried to keep calm, tried to laugh off his hatefulness (as so many of us have learned to do), but Terrence kept on until she finally left the stage. I had elle watch it with me and we were both wondering why no one intervened.

Now, this blogger claims it was all a publicity stunt. Even if that was the case, I still question, who thought this was okay or professional? What is acceptable about constantly ridiculing a woman?

I wasn't surprised when Terrence (and some bloggers) fell back on the "she's too sensitive" BS. Not surprised, but I was still angry.


The History Enthusiast said...

I don't get how anyone can watch that and not think that his behavior was inappropriate. I just don't get it.

She was in a tough spot, but I do think she handled in gracefully. Has she said anything publicly about it?

elle said...

Hey! I'll let mrs. o respond for sure, but from digging around other blogs, Rocsi's either suspended (wtf!!) or on vacation. If she's suspended, look for an angry post from me.

Ginger said...

What an idiot (him, not her). I've seen that kind of behavior directed at women by their male coworkers; it usually stems from the woman rejecting his advances. He's pissed about it, so he attacks her every chance he gets.

As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon.

elle said...

Like y'all, I just can't see how she's the one who is wrong or why he thinks his behavior is acceptable. Grrr!!!

Cola said...

I can't watch it because BET had google take the clip down.

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