Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Wire

Started watching "The Wire" this morning a little after midnight. At 7:14, I could no longer hold my eyes open. I paused near the end of episode 7.

Why didn't y'all tell me it was instantly addictive? I'm scared! B/c I could only get Season I, Discs 1-4 on netflix (I still had one film checked out, so disc 5 is at the top of my queue), if I sit here and finish discs 3 and 4, I won't know how the season ends until Saturday or Monday (if I send netflix back today, they'll send more out tomorrow). I can't take it!

I guess I could pay my late charge at the video store and get the last disc and the first disc of season two. Will that tide me over til Saturday? Who knows???

A quote from the text I sent my friends and sister this morning, begging them not to call me because I was finally going to sleep:
And, oh, Idris Elba could make me agree to have sex again!
His tall drink of water ass in glasses or jeans? Oh. My. God.

And I've always seen him playing an American.* I just watched a video clip of him speaking with his British accent. I want to cry.

ETA: And I always heard about Felicia Pearson (admittedly bad-girl sexy). No one told me about Sonja Sohn--around episode four or five when we first see her with her hair down... Yeah, I'm loving this show.
*ETA: I lied; How can I forget watching "Sometimes in April?"


Unknown said...

You might try rewatching the episodes you ran through, because I can promise you that you've missed something. That show is so wonderfully rich and complex, and best of all, it expects you to keep up. I could tell from the opening scene with the Snot Boogie story that it was going to be different as far as television is concerned, and it exceeded my expectations. You're in for a treat.

Hagar's Daughter said...

Yes, this show is soooo good. I loved everything about it, including the theme song that is sung by different artist for each season. It's well written and I agree with Brian that is rich and complex.

Each season has a different focus.

Those actors are hot...What about the character Omar? I ran into "Bubbles" at a Target in Pasadena, CA and we talked briefly about the show.

Courtney said...

Ok, never seen the show, but I looked up the tall drink of water. Oh, hell yeah!

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