Friday, December 19, 2008

Fruity Friday

Of all the things my son could have volunteered me to make for his class party, he had to choose a damn fruit tray. Not a $2 bag of chips. Not juices or plates or candy.

A fruit tray, when I'm broke and not done Christmas shopping. And he told me all proud, "Guess what I told Mrs. F you'd bring?"


"A fruit tray!"

"Did?!" I looked at him with one raised eyebrow and he went for flattery.

"I told her you do them all the time for weddings and stuff and you do a really good job."

So here is my hasty Friday morning fruit tray:

The fruit awaiting the cream cheese dip:

A close-up. The lopsided-ness is a direct result of the fact that a pint of itty-bitty strawberries was $4+, while grapes were about $1.70 a pound:

The cream cheese awaits a splash of milk, some powdered sugar and a little vanilla flavoring. It really is better to do it by hand with a fork or a whisk because a mixer makes it more like frosting than dip. And yet I mixed. File that under, "I don't know why I do the shit I do sometimes":

Done! (Well okay, after this pic, I went back and added/spruced up the kale).

Ready to go in a festive little bowl:

I'm ready for this winter break, I swear.


Kimberly said...

Awww! Ain't the kid a sweet one?

cripchick said...

hahaaha i had to read this outloud to my umma cause i totally volunteered her for a potluck, not knowing that bulgogi is expensive, has to be marinated for a day and then cooked outside. i'm 21, at least your son has an age excuse, i'm just a volunteer-happy person

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