Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Wire, II

So you're all going to have to deal with my discovery of this show. Just pretend your head had been buried in the sand, too. On my last "The Wire" post, I drooled over Idris Elba and Sonja Sohn. Hagar's Daughter asked me about Omar Little, played by Michael K. Williams. I swear, I had just sent mrs. o this text message:
I know omar gotta die. I'm starting to love omar. Don't die, omar!!
And that heifa sent back:
Not going 2 tell u. But u will not like what happens...

No, really, I don't want to know. You should see me, wanting to look up all the characters, but scared to read too much on imdb or wikipedia.

I'm about to start season 2, episode 3. I'm not as into the dock/port stuff yet, but I am interested. mrs. o says the school system season is going to kill me.

Will update you at the end of season 2. And I don't mean to take props away from McNulty/Dominic West. He's a cutie, too--but Idris, Lord, Idris!!!

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Hagar's Daughter said...

I know what you mean about that Idris(Stringer Bell)...mmm,mmm,mmm!

Just keep watching because each season ties in with the next in some form. Don't look up the show, you really don't want to spoil - just let it unfold.

When The Wire was on HBO I could hardly wait until the next week and don't talk about waiting for the next season - have mercy. LOL

I'm enjoying re-living The Wire with you elle.

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