Friday, December 05, 2008

Movie Day

You know, I usually observe my hallowed Friday evenings with a book, a good dinner, and alcohol.

Tonight, however, I want to go to the movies. Because of recent, juvenile company, I have seen Madagascar 2 and Bolt. My son and I went to see Twilight. The only movies I want to see are Milk and Cadillac Records.

I read wonderful reviews for Milk, then found out it wasn't playing here. I'm about desperate enough to ask them to arrange a private screening in my garage or something.

I live 20+ miles from the historically black section of town, a fact that has been made painfully obvious to me by 1) The search for a barber and hair stylist 2) The search for a church for my mom to attend on my birthday 3) The fact that Cadillac Records is not playing anywhere within 12 miles of my house (and I live less than half a mile from one theater), even at theaters with 20+ screens! Can't decide if I'm motivated to drive that far in the cold (don't ask; it makes sense in my head).

My son votes for Punisher or Transporter. I am glad votes don't count in the U.S. until one is 18.

Any suggestions?

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Kimberly said...

Wish I could help, but, like you, my last two were Bolt and Madagascar 2. I'm not sure I even KNOW what else is playing. Sad....I know.

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