Monday, August 25, 2008


That's how a new Sealy Posturepedic ad introduces a woman who's married to an older rich man.

And then there's the one about the heiress. Not only does she get more than six hours of sleep, she's heiress to a potato-chip fortune--she's better off than you because of evuhl junk food!!!!

There's one about a guy, too, to cut back on fussage from women like me, but he's not a golddigger or a junk food heiress.

The gist of the commercials is that these idle rich people get to sleep as much as they want, while unlucky stiffs like us have to deal with an average of six hours. But these commercials say so much more, though "Golddigger" requires no elaboration, I suppose.

Everyone in the commercials is white. They live off the wealth of industrious white men--we know this because they are referred to as "golddigger," "daddy's little girl," and "trust-fund baby... always on daddy's couch." Now, white husband/daddy is nowhere (aside from one portrait) to be seen in these commercials--he's off making the money.

So, Sealy Posturepedic, you fail. Rather than appealing to a heterogeneous working class in some novel way, you're recycling and reinforcing stereotypes of the working white man who supports unworthy, unambitious leeches. Way to turn welfare stereotypes on their heads!! **snort**

P.S. Just so you know, Sealy, historically, it's not white women's choice to stay at home that bothers most Americans. Hell, it's practically expected of them. To get your desired results, choose a black woman as golddigger next time--your commercial might run at the Republican National Convention.


Brian said...

So, no lazy guy stereotypes they could pull from, I guess. Of course, if this is any indication, they'd give the guy effeminate characteristics, thus spreading the insults around for everyone.

RageyOne said...

kudos elle! i think you've hit on a subliminal message here. hmmm...i wonder if the marketing folks even considered using persons of color?

Renee said...

The very first one that I saw was the golddigger one. I immediately thought of course women are only after money. The poor long suffering over exploited white man in the grey flannel suit while the lazy bitch leads a life of luxury.

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