Friday, May 16, 2008

"We do have safe places for processing and detention during times of a hurricane"

Via Noemi at Hermana, Resist

From the Rio Grande Guardian:
If a hurricane hits the Rio Grande Valley this season, residents evacuated via school buses will be prescreened for citizenship by Customs and Border Patrol.
Anyone who is not a citizen or is not a legal resident will be held in specially designed areas in the Valley that are “made to withstand hurricanes,” said Dan Doty, a Border Patrol spokesperson for the Valley sector.
And am I the only one saying, "Yeah, right" to this?
We would not put someone's life in jeopardy, but at the same time we would do our job, we would take them into custody, and we do have safe places for processing and detention during times of a hurricane.
In fact these people are so good at their jobs that
Agents are very good at picking up on things that would lead them to believe somebody isn't a U.S. citizen or does not have legal residence.
So loaded.

Apparently these people have no memories of Hurricane Katrina, of the devastating effects of governmental delays and the arrogance to believe they know, without a doubt, what can "withstand a hurricane." Just because a building remains standing doesn't mean it's fit for people to inhabit for days, especially if they will be cut off from communication and supplies.

Is being a citizen really more important than being a human? Really?


ms noemi said...

the reason I didn't link was it was morning and doing it quickly. Link away to the original article. They also have a follow up piece where they say they will be screening at hurricane shelters too.

Courtney said...

This makes me very very very very very very very angry. Does anybody remember all the help offered and provided by Mexicans during Katrina? Anybody?

elle said...

This is just some bullshit. Really. Some cold-hearted, inhumane, unjustifiable bullshit.

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