Tuesday, May 06, 2008

“On the surface it certainly does not look good..."

Speaking of my best friend, she just called to ask me if I had seen this video of the somewhat euphemestically titled "video of police apprehension" in which 3 suspects in a shooting are pulled from their car by five to six times as many* police and... well, you can imagine what happens next.

From Philly.com:
A police chase ended violently last night when cops pulled over a car in Hunting Park on North Second Street near Lippincott, after a shooting had been reported nearby. Fox29, hovering in a helicopter overhead, caught the confrontation on tape; it shows police officers stomping, kicking and beating the men from the car.
Police took all three suspects to Temple University Hospital for treatment of their injuries. The nature and extent of their injuries is unknown at this time because the three suspects remain in custody and family members said they’ve been unable to see them.
I'ma have to agree with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey who said, “On the surface it certainly does not look good, regarding the amount of force that was used."
*I counted that many at the end. It looks like somewhere between 10-15 may have participated in the actual "apprehension."


Anonymous said...

yah, you know, it's just the surface. but i'm sure a really good reason lies underneath.

Unknown said...

It's like I said when I wrote about Sean Bell--there's going to be tension when you have a group in your population which is armed and has tacit permission to abuse people. I'm surprised there aren't more cases where the population fights back, frankly.

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