Saturday, May 17, 2008


Someone get Senators Clinton and Obama into a "The U.S. in the Antebellum Era" or "The U.S. in the Civil Rights Era" class!

Because when I hear that they both think it should be "left to the states" to decide the "issue" of marriage, I can't help having flashbacks of how well states' rights positions worked to secure and protect the rights of other marginalized/viciously discriminated against people.


Courtney said...

I would pay good money to see Elle PhD toss some knowledge into the minds of ANY political candidate.

Kismet Nuñez said...


elle, phd --> are you going to AMC?

elle said...

I want to go so badly, but I've been scared to say it out loud. I'm so superstitious.

I teach summer school from May 20 through June 20, so my plan is to give a final June 19 and leave that evening.

But again, I haven't made any definite plans, because I also have to goon an annual family trip the weekend after the 4th of July, move back to Texas, plan to go to the Delta National Convention at the end of July, prep for two brand new fall classes and my (ex-)advisor suggest that I go to the Berkshires conference which is like the week before the AMC, I believe.

Something, obviously, is going to have to give.

Are you going?

elle said...

and that answer is so full of errors--please excuse me; I'm supposed to be getting ready for church.

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