Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Coti and Deuce

My friend Coti works as a correctional officer. She has some... interesting co-workers. She called me the other night, mid-shift, to tell me about one guy and to let me hear him talk.

This particular co-worker decided to take it upon himself to explain to her how this country's major problems are caused by "homosexuals taking over the world." He tried to cite biblical evidence and opined at length about how being gay is wrong and immoral.

Now, Coti is a lesbian, a self-identified "stud," so I was pissed that the co-worker would even approach her with that bullshit.* But she is rather soft-spoken, so she listened to his lecture with an admirable level of patience.

She is also wickedly sarcastic. And so, when he was done, she had him reiterate his definition of immoral that was supposedly rooted in biblical text.

Then she asked him, "Aren't you living with a married woman?"

After a momentary loss of words, he tried to explain why his situation, of course, was justifiable.

But I never cease to be amazed at people's nerve, hypocrisy, and interpretive skills.
*Which is not to say, as I re-read this, that I wouldn't have been pissed had he approached anyone else with this, but that it seemed to me to be a sort of attack upon her.


Kimberly said...

Go Coti! Shut the hell up co-worker!

Tobes said...

I'm always AMAZED when those conservative types espouse a government that stays out of your business- what they mean is "stay out of my business-- I'd be happy to judge YOU though."

What a fool.

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