Friday, May 09, 2008

This Doesn't Feel Like Friday...

Ok, finals are done.

I'm almost done grading (if you don't count the one paper a student sent me via e-mail, today, three weeks late, with no explanation).

I bought a new laptop.

My replacement cell is on its way (finally).

My son and I had a pretty good day and my dad took him to tonight's baseball game (Hallelujah!).

And it's Friday and I'm alone!! Y'all know how I feel about a Friday evening, baby!


I have a headache.

The lasagna that I cooked last night and warmed for lunch today has sent my GERD/indigestion/acid reflux/whatever into overdrive.

When I say that my son's father has aggravated me beyond the limits of my sanity (hence the headache), please believe me. I mean, to the point that he had to talk to me through his fiancee a few minutes ago, because hearing his voice one more time today would've have probably catapulted me into a miasma of actions-and-words-to-be-regretted-later. She sounded all calm and understanding which made me feel even worse about feeling like I could choke his ass. I like to be the together one, Ms. Cool-Calm-and-Collected!!!

Did I ever tell y'all about this episode of Little Bear that's almost my favorite one? (My favorite ones are the ones where he imagines he's gone to the moon and when he makes soup because while watching those, I realized he was the Little Bear that I'd had books about when I was a kid. Digression over).

In it, Little Bear is having a horrible day. I mean grumbly, mumbly, ball-your-fists-close-your-eyes-and-scream sort of horrible. And Mama Bear finally cuddles him and tells him (in more prosaic words) that the best antidote for a horrible, grumbly, mumbly day is a new one. So he goes to bed, the implication being that tomorrow will be better.

So, I am taking the Smirnoff Ice that has gotten deliciously slushy in the freezer.

And I am grabbing a torrid romance novel, academic bookpile be damned.

And I am going to work on a new day.


Courtney said...

Little Bear rocks. As does sleep.

Kimberly said...

Hope this Friday is better!

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