Saturday, September 22, 2007

What I've Read...

...on a Saturday morning. Tina's funeral is today, so I've been up a while.

Good things I've run across already today...

Kevin rounds up and analyzes coverage of the Jena Six coverage.

Like-minded Louisianans at Cenlamar: Questioning the Context of the Story. Cenlamar has other posts about the Jena Six from a very close perspective. (Speaking of Louisianans of like minds--it gets kind of isolating up here in the north. I'll ask about that later.)

BfP with further evidence that the South is not some un-American anomaly when it comes to race.


A Divine Ms. M at Kai's place: Have a Glimmer of Understanding, Or Go Home — About the Jena Six

And Rachel breaks it down in Jena 6: It’s About the Criminal (In)Justice System

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