Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Totally Navel-Gazing...

...to say look at my babies, y'all! I need a brain break. My brother's four oldest children (he has six) have been hanging out with their uber-cool aunt since Saturday. Some highlights:

My oldest niece--I don't talk about her much. She's all grown up (20) and working 'n stuff. This is late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. We had to go out of town to get something to eat, of course. As proof of her grown-up-ness, she kept offering to pay for her own food, gas, etc. That was so strange to me!

All eight of my parents' grandchildren. A rare occurence, so I had to get that! This is Sunday after church. My youngest nephew and my son look so raggedy because they have to change out of church gear immediately!
The granddaughters. The great-granddaughter is nestled under that blue t-shirt.

The grandsons--I don't know why the oldest one refuses to smile .


Kimberly said...

Beautiful! My babies look so big!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

So precious! Thanks for sharing, Elle!


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