Monday, September 10, 2007

The Big Head

Did I tell y'all? The other day, I got my bound copy of my dissertation from proquest. I sat and held it and smiled. And smiled and held it. And held it and smiled. So forth and so on, with short breaks to let members of my family look at it and declare that it was wonderful while I preened.

And you know, for a moment, as I skimmed it, I thought, maybe it wasn't the worst dissertation in the history of PhD-dom.

That feeling lasted all of a minute.

And then I sighed and put the thing away from me.


Anonymous said...

aww, yay for you and your bound copy! you have made it!

Unknown said...

girl, just take it in bits--love yourself and your work a bit here and a bit there--and you'll eventually wind up loving yourself all day every day.

you worked hard my friend--and you deserve to feel proud and insanely happy about the product of your work--sorta like your children, you know?

Courtney said...

you've earned a little happy reflection! One of the best ego-trips I've ever had was bringing my diss in to my class (the class was based largely on my research) last term and having them all ooh and aah.

One said, "You must be, like, really smart."

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