Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well, Look What's Crawling Out...

"There is a major white supremacist backlash building," said Mark Potok, a hate-group expert at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group in Montgomery, Ala. "I also think it's more widespread than may be obvious to most people. It's not only neo-nazis and Klansmen—you expect this kind of reaction from them."
The mayor of Jena, who says his town is being portrayed unfairly, allowed himself to be interviewed by the leader of a white supremacist organization. What the hell? I mean, my God! Talk about irony.

I'm late posting about this--see Kevin's post (by the way, is anyone appreciating the truth of Elliott's law like I am?):
As an online discussion concerning race grows longer, the probability of a person referencing Martin Luther King, Jr. as a means to justify their racist and/or ignorant attitudes approaches one.
If I read one more "What would Dr. King think..." from someone questioning support of the Jena Six (and who doesn't know anything more about Dr. King than what s/he hears in soundbites) I might insert my fist through this damned monitor.


matttbastard said...

Thanks for the link!

Yeah, that totally undercuts all the wire stories about the poor, innocent people in Jena being slandered by us dark-skinned agitators (look, a REAL LIVE COLOURED MAN SAID SO! WE NOT RACIST! SO THERE!)

- matttbastard

Unknown said...

Elliott's law is a new one on me, but I like it very much. And the mayor of Jena has to be a restaurant quality idiot, from the looks of things.

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Tell me about it, Elle. And to add, you know the people name-dropping Dr. King learned about the Jena six last week. The official narrative has become "six black kids beat up a white kid. One of the black kids is in jail, and black people are angry." That's it. That's what people are basing their opinions on. Those nooses? Well that was three months before the fight and irrelevant. That shotgun? No one even mentions it. The taunts and white kids beating up black kids? No one even mentions.

And I'm not going to blame the media on their ignorance. The information is out there. People are just too damned lazy to go find it.

Brian - That's because I made the law up yesterday. Actually, it's a re-wording of Godwin's Law ("As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one"). So don't give me too much credit. The idea was already out there. I just refined it for this particular instance.

And thanks for the links!

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