Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Violence Against Black Women

I've been waiting to post about the Dunbar Village case in which a woman and her son were sexually assaulted and beaten and the more recent case in West Virginia, where a young black woman was assaulted and tortured for days. Rather than just express fear, outrage, helplessness, and hurt--all emotions that just swamp me when I think about these cases--I wanted to write some kind of analysis. That can come later. This just came in my e-mail:
Victim in torture case arraigned on old charges
Gary HarkiStaff writer

Megan Williams, the Charleston woman who has been the center of international media attention after her torturous ordeal in a Logan County home earlier this month, was arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Kanawha County on outstanding warrants.

Williams is being arraigned in Kanawha County Magistrate Court on at least seven charges, mostly for allegedly obtaining under false pretenses and writing bad checks, according to court records. She also has an outstanding warrant from Summers County for failing to appear at a court hearing.

Before the arraignment, Williams was placed in a holding cell. She screamed and cried for her mother.
Sometimes, I just don't know.

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Blackamazon said...

My name is blackamazon and i fucking quit

( the fact that my confirm was kbeye fitting)

Anxious Black Woman said...

We just can't win, can we? *Sigh.*

So, when are Black women going to organize the Million Woman March, Part II?

Unknown said...

screw marches. black women and all women of color (because this just happened to a latina women who called because she was getting her ass beat up by her roomates in front of her daughter and she wound up in prison because she wasn't "legal")--it's past time to march. Now is the time to rise up in a way that creates new worlds. we need to be spreading the word on how to organize, how to base build in the community, how circumvent the police when you're getting your ass kicked, etc. We need a whole new fucking world---this one is fucking poison to us. nothing but poison.

Brian said...

Good effing lord. Anyone want to wager on the likelihood that this gets mentioned at trial in an attempt to impeach her testimony?

ben said...

this nation has never known proportionality when it has come to the lives of the marginalized, only kafkaesque impenetrability.

i wish to god this wasn't true.

AquarianM said...

You know, they would do this to anyone without much money, no matter what color she or he were. It is ALL about money. You got money and a lawyer, they are way easier on you, you have no money and no lawyer, you might just as well be swimming in a crocodile pen. They might make it a bit harder on those of color, but that's to keep them pitted against poor whites so that the ones that do have money can be the ones to stay on top. That's really why they do all this mean angry $#!++. Gawd, that sucks!

*from a white boy*

bettye griffin said...

I can already hear the defense counsel in the rape and torture case putting her on trial. It's a popular but terribly unfair strategy on the part of the legal system. But no one deserved what happened to her; I don't care if she bounced checks all up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Anonymous said...

Be strong my black sister because you have a black man thats going to be here to help you at the end of the day. People try to bring you down everyday, with words, but you are stronger then that, you will over come, and we will over come as a Black Community. All is love


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