Saturday, April 01, 2006

Overheard... The Burgeoning Male Gaze

On a recent trip...

The Kid (to my nephew): You know that song, I'm in Love with a Stripper?

Sister and I eye each other speculatively.

Nephew: Yep.

The Kid: Anthony (a 2nd grade classmate!!) says a stripper is a woman who takes her clothes off and you give her money.

Nephew: Ugh! Aunt Elle, the Kid is talking about women taking their clothes off.

Elle: Why are you talking about women taking their clothes off? Don't talk about women taking their clothes off!


Nephew (whispers to the Kid): What about boys?

The Kid: Now, that's just nasty!

Sister: Why is it nasty for men to take their clothes off but not women?

The Kid: I don't know! Who wants to see that?

Elle: Some people like to see men take their clothes off.

The Kid (irate and challenging): Who? Who, Mama?

Elle: Who the hell let you hear that song anyway? And why does Anthony know what a stripper is?

Sister: Elle, why are you arguing?

Should've been, Elle why are you avoiding the important questions?

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Virginia Pickel said...

Oh about uncomfortable! I'm glad my boyfriend's daughter hasn't brought it up yet...although around here they play "I'm in love with a dancer" not "stripper."

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