Monday, April 17, 2006

How the Whole School Thing is Going...

The good news. An excerpt from advisor's e-mail about last chapter:
I read your chapter draft today and think it is very solid. I hope you won’t be disappointed when I say I don’t have a lot of suggestions for changes. I made editing suggestions and reactions to your questions, but nothing major.
Trust me, you'd have to know my advisor to understand the deep, relieved breath I let out after I got this.

The not so good news. An excerpt from the letter I got in response to my latest national fellowship application:
We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a fellowship. However, it is a pleasure to inform you that your application was sufficiently meritorious to receive special recognition.
This is more of a wounded pride thing--my first rejection of this sort. But, I submitted the application at 11:20 on the night it was due by midnight and I found two glaring errors immediately afterwards. SO this is really more than I deserve.

The really worrisome, how the hell am I going to finish, news. My school put me on a waiting list for a Teaching Assistantship. First time ever, but I don't blame them. I accepted a TAship the last two years in a row, then left them stranded because I got fellowships that mandated that I not hold outside jobs. At this point, however, in what should be my last year, I may not be able to pay the steep out of state tuition and pay living expenses, etc.

Okay, now that I've wailed, I'm off to look for solutions.

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RageyOne said...

Wonderful news from your advisor. Go Elle!

I'm sorry to hear about the fellowship. Good luck with getting the TA position or another funding source. Stay positive!

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