Sunday, April 09, 2006


Initially, I dreamed of having this really popular blog to which intelligent people flocked because I wrote deeply analytical/explanatory/wise posts that made sense of the world and of the disertation process. I expressed that dream when I got back Friday night to my sister who said (quite grumpily as she'd had both boys for days), "You don't keep your ass at home long enough to write anything."

Including the dissertation. But thanks anyway to all the brilliant people who stop by. I'm going to do better. Really.

On another dreamy note (Best Friend TX, Rageyone, and Best Friend LA might particularly enjoy this one), my cousin (whom people call Little Elle because she's a lot like me--only better!) was initiated into the illustrious world of Delta Sigma Theta. Best Friend LA and I attended (Best Friend LA cried). Little Elle cried, too, said it was like a legacy, a dream come true.

But enough of dreams. I have to get writing before I leave again. This Thursday. Poor car!


Mon said...

Aww that's beautiful!! Now get back to writing :)!!

RageyOne said... wonderful for your cousin! I haven't attended an initiation in a long time. I bet it was lovely. Congrats to her!

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