Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday Zoo Blogging

Ah, nothing quite like class field trips. I accompanied my son and 100 other 2nd graders this past Thursday. All I had was the camera phone so... We began with the Koala, which was much larger than I thought. The kids loved the way he moved from limb to limb.

I had a group of three boys. They begged and pleaded for me to go into the reptile house. The first hideous beast? The American alligator. I think it was albino. I must admit, it was a gorgeous thing. I almost had to let my phobia of croco-alligators go--I'm so sure that's how I'm going to meet my demise!!

Then, being a good Delta, I made a pilgrimage to the elephants. One of the boys said they smelled bad. The nerve!

The zoo's newest addition is a Baby Giraffe named Sienna. This isn't a picture of her, but we did get to see an employee bottle feeding her knobby-kneed gloriousness.

And finally, submitted without comment, Girl Astride Tortoise...

Sorry for the lack of symmetry; I've never posted more than one picture per post.

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