Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things Seen 10

Images sent to mrs. o by her cousin.

Is anyone else crawling under a rock until November?

I have no definite plans yet for if he wins.


rebelleink said...

What do you mean, no definite plans if he wins? Whereabouts were these pics taken?

You'd think that people stupid enough to believe any of that rhetoric would be too stupid to make signs.

RageyOne said...


though i probably shouldn't be. i know there are still some racist folks that exist.

Kimberly said...

I don't blame you for wanting to hide under a rock. These last couple of weeks are definitely going to be nasty. Who likes to be reminded these type of idiots still exist? In LARGE numbers apparently!

Giftie Etcetera said...

Wow, even my previously-mentioned-probably-members-of-the-KKK-crappy-relatives don't have signs like this up.


Maybe when Obama wins, those people will be the ones who get scared.

elle said...


I meant that I don't expect the racism to abate if he wins. I'll be hiding under that rock til November, but what about after?

I believe she said Ville Platte, LA, but I've seen that racist prick sign on Cafe Press.

Anonymous said...

omg, me too. i am very scared.

k8 said...

How thoroughly disgusting.

btw, I love your label "People Who Have Lost Their Damned Minds." VERY appropriate.

I haven't seen anything like these around my way, but to be honest I haven't seen many political signs around at all. That's a bit odd. I've heard that some people in this fairly republican area don't want to advertise that they support Obama. Sort of a what would the neighbors think situation. Ridiculous, really, but I've heard rumors along that line.

Anonymous said...

I like you, a few posts ago, am hesitant to answer when someone asks me who I'm going for. at lunch, at the grocery store, do I really want to get into a match w/ everyone? I've heard many people say they won't vote for Obama because he's an "huraca" (I think the translation is a black crow). and they laugh, like wtf?? i'm talking about so called progressive folks here.

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