Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Small-town Rant

Really, later on, I'm going to post about some of the positives of my move back home. In fact, this post will probably come down when I think about it and become embarrassed at splattering my feelings up here and entertaining some people's bullshit. For now, however, I am too pissed.

So my sister and I have heard, through the ever-busy local grapevine, that some local residents (primarily a member of our church) have "discovered" this blog and don't like my "position" on a number of issues. Apparently, my life is fodder for much discussion.

Really? Cuz you know one of the things my sister and I discuss? What we call late-in-life Christians. You know--the ones who raise "hell" for decades then, when they feel they've done it all, they "find" God (did you know He was ever lost?). I've been having considerable trouble with a couple of those since I've moved back. Last night, when I was even angrier than I am now, I sat in bed and wrote a three-page post, because, while this stuff usually rolls off my back, I am becoming increasingly weary of it. But scratch that. My position can be boiled down to a few phrases:

I am a grown-ass woman. I am not the quiet little girl who felt she needed to curry favor and please everyone years ago. If you don't like my politics, opinions, or beliefs--that's your issue. If you've made assumptions about what I believe or how I should act--that's your issue. I am 100% human, not the least bit interested in being perfect, not the least bit convinced that your way, your narrow interpretation, is the "only" way. It is not your job to send me to your concept of heaven or hell. And yes, I am very much my devout mother's daughter because her faith is one that emphasizes love, respect, and acceptance, not fear, judgment, and punishment.

And, really, though I'm honored to be on your mind, you're working my nerves.


Unknown said...

Hello to elle's town!!! :::Waves:::

Just so you know, you have a beautiful sister here--and amazing woman who was raised right by a loving and caring woman. She has been nothing but the most supportive, kindest, most generous, amazing woman a person could ever ask to know.

I'd like to think that she learned how to be the generous, kind, caring human being that she is from you all. She's spoken positively about her city--mentioned how much she enjoys going to church functions and how much she enjoys teaching in the area. She's also defending you all, refusing all the stereotypes and baggage of being a small town in the south--you couldn't ask for a more amazing and powerful woman to come out swinging for you.

As somebody who has experienced the love and protectiveness of Doctor Elle--I'd like to think she learned it from you, so that I could thank you.

For now, however, it appears that the woman I should be thanking is Elle's mother. A woman who raised her daughter right in spite of it all.

Elle--You are amazing. and if the people who live around you don't see that and appreciate the beauty that shines in their midst...I do. And I am grateful that I got to know you, if only through the internet.

much love to you Elle--Elle's Community--I hope you see the light soon.


elle said...

I love you!

RageyOne said...

Sometimes it is hard to let it go. This post, I hope, has allowed you to get some of that anger out.

I am happy that you are who are you, and share your views so public with the world. That is to be admired and honored. You stand by your convictions and aren't afraid to let others know. Good deal!

Anonymous said...

bfp has said it all so perfectly.

go elle!

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