Tuesday, April 15, 2008

C'mon, Baby, C'mon!!!

So my newest nephew is due anytime now. My sister's due date was pegged as April 14 or 16. But, her body's not showing any signs of being ready for delivery. At her checkup yesterday, the doctor finally told her, "Okay, we might have to think about doing something."

Two weeks ago, he already weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz, quite a bit to be carrying around. She is having problems breathing (out of breath easily) and she basically does not sleep--something which I've been selfishly sorta enjoying because we sit up together many nights until 4 a.m. Just me and her, no kids, no parents, etc., and I think we both like the quiet and the chance to surf the net or watch t.v. or talk or just both read books in the same room. But hell, she's tired. Her feet and ankles are swelling and yesterday her blood pressure was elevated--pre-pregnancy, she took medicine for hypertension but the doctor stopped it during pregnancy and, for the most part, her blood pressure has been at good level.

But she's ready to have this baby--a frustration I understand because my son was five days over due and I seriously considered telling my ob/gyn, "I will scream if you send me home because I do not want to be pregnant ONE MINUTE LONGER!!" Her son came late as well, but with him there were at least signs that delivery was impending--softened cervix, lost mucus plug, etc, etc. Her worry now is since none of that has happened (no dilation, no "false" labor, nothing) how much longer might it be?

So send my sister good vibes. I'll consider it a personal favor :-p


Hagar's Daughter said...

Come on baby, your mommy's waiting to met you and so is your auntie!

Praying that all is well with your sister and her baby.

Kiki BE said...

Sending good vibes that your nephew comes soon!!

Professing Mama said...

As you know, I can truly empathize with your sister--41 weeks along here. I hope she stays healthy and that your nephew comes soon.


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