Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ooh, That Irps My Ass!

That's what my Aunt Mary, Trin's mom, says when shit irks her. Not irk--irp.

My own dear mother has anemia and when asked will tell people, "Yes, I'm anemia."

That irps my ass.

I've noticed that when my sister and I buy things online and people ask us where we got item a, we both say, "I bought it offline."

What are some of your grammatic/linguistic peccadilloes--things you know aren't quite right, but you just can't give up?


Kimberly said...

Elle, I can remember a mutual friend who "made groceries". That one always irped my butt.

I'm no saint, but I can't figure out one I say. I'll get back to you!

elle said...

if it's one of our new orleans friends, not only do they make groceries, they "bring" when most people "take."

but i so very much love that accent--north louisiana has just a bland southern accent.

mrs. o said...

Elle, mine would be "and nem." Instead of saying I am going with Elle and the rest of them, I say I am going with Elle and 'nem. My mother corrected me on this for years, it drove her crazy! I can hear her voice in my head sometimes, especially after I started teaching saying Videssa, spell nem. Even now I will say it and laugh out loud when I correct myself-but I STILL after umpteen years will say I am going with whoever and nem.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I save my laundry. Well, actually, my husbands saves my laundry for me. Equality and all in my household!

Also, criminals are on the land. Nope, my dear friends tell me it's "on the lam." Huh?

Renee said...

Well I have tendency to say yeah, no when someone says something ridiculous to me. My way of saying you're full of it. It drives the unhusband around the bend.

Kismet Nuñez said...

Mine comes from my Boricuan side and all the Blackarican and Puerto Rican-mainland born-English is our native language-somehow we still know Spanish-chicos and chicas I hung out with. We did a lot of creative things with our Spanglish--and we started creative because we speak "Puerto Rican" not "Spanish according to some--but this one I could never get down with.

To eat lunch = Lunchar

Yo quiero lunchar = I want to eat lunch.

Grr. The word is almorzar, amigo! Almorzar!

It irps me.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had posted a response to this...mmm.
Kismet, here we say "voy a lunche"
and I often say at work we close at 12 for lonche! aweful, I know.

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