Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gearing up for the Holidays

Deuce, with Alex, in Coti's hat

Two days before he turns seven months old and one week until I see him!! I am so ready for my Deucie-Deucie-Fat-and-Juicy (and yes, I call him that in my head, for real).

Anyway, the time between now and January 2 will pass in a busy blur (hopefully, a pleasant, busy blur) for me with Thanksgiving, finals, graduation, archive visit, Christmas, and New Year's intoxication all looming. I'm currently getting ready for my mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law and kids for Thanksgiving. Hectic, but okay.

Anyway, are you celebrating Thanksgiving? If so, how? And, (the important question :-) what are you cooking??


RageyOne said...

We travel to TX for Thanksgiving, and I'm preparing tea cakes. My brother will fry up a couple of turkeys, and the family in TX will do the rest of the cooking.

Stentor said...

I'm going to attempt to create tempseifu, the vegan answer to turducken -- tempeh stuffed inside seitan stuffed inside tofu. If it works, or fails in an amusing fashion, I'll have the results on my blog.

elle said...

tea cakes--are yours soft or the slightly "crispier" (crunchier?) kind? I've had them like little cakes and I've had them almost the texture and consistency of vanilla wafers and everything in between.

stentor-that sounds complex--my favorite kind of recipe. i'll be looking for that!

Unknown said...

I'll be in Houston with Strandsofpearl and her friends. I usually cook the turkey, plus there'll be stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread, salad, and two varieties of pumpkin pie -- and maybe other things if people bring them.

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