Monday, September 08, 2008

Things Seen Six

We went to Hollywood Video on Saturday--my son proclaimed it family movie night. We don't even have a DVD player--he broke the one that was on the TV in my bedroom over a year ago and I'm not much of a TV/movie-at-home fan.* There are very few movies that I want to see more than once, so I don't by DVDs at all. I have a Netflix account for documentaries and the like to show clips to my class.

Netflix is actually one of the reasons I agreed to go--I've had a couple of episodes of "The West"** in queue for weeks and, while the site says "available now," the Netflix gods keep sending stuff further down the queue. This week, I'm lecturing on the Gilded Age, including westward expansion and the wholesale screw-over of Native Americans, and hoped Hollywood Video might have something. They didn't.

All that to say, as my son and I walked around the new releases wall, I saw "The Other Boleyn Girl." I knew Alex liked it and the store recommended it. In fact, here is the recommendation:

Yes, after that, I immediately wanted to grab it... or a WWE video.
*He reasoned that we could gather 'round the laptop screen. I guess I'll have to buy a DVD player eventually, sigh. And new TVs--the one that used to be in my living room is a 27-inch one my sister and I bought at a pawn shop in 1996. In our last apartment, we just said fuck it and had no living room TV. I pulled out the old trusty for the move, but I don't even have the cable box hooked to it yet.

**I'm sorry, as drama-rama as it is, I love
Ken Burns's "The Civil War" series, and while I don't adore "The West," it serves the purpose.


k8 said...

If nothing else, those documentaries have great examples of primary resources in them and demonstrate them being used - from the photos to the letters/diaries/etc. being read.

Crissa said...

Ya know, you can usually plug your laptop into the TV... I have a dongle just for that, outputs composite.

Of course, I have another that outputs to DVI, as well.

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