Thursday, September 04, 2008


My son has to draw a map of his bedroom using symbols. He's trying to think of more things to use. Conversation:

"Ma, what do you call that thing the soldiers stay in?"

"Barracks? Are you drawing your bed?"

"My window."

"You're using barracks for your window?"

"Not barracks, Mama. The other thing they stay in."

**Puzzled mother look.**

He puts his hand in my face and wiggles his fingers. Just as I'm recovering from the, "Oh, no you didn't put your hand in my face!" he says, "Five! The thing with five sides! The shape, Mama!"

I've frustrated him.

"Pentagon?" I say, contritely.

"Yes, Mama."

Then he shook his head!


k8 said...

I'm kinda happy he's aware of the Pentagon. Maybe it isn't quite the right context (although I imagine some soldiers have slept there), but he knows about it.

elle said...

Yes. And he was so disgusted with me that I didn't get a chance to correct him.

cripchick said...

again, i've found that woc bloggers have the cutest, most intelligent children, but i may be biased...


cripchick said...

oops. remove the zzzzzzzzzzzzzs. it's 4:30 am :)

Kimberly said...

Elle, you've got to keep up with the brilliant minds of youth! Surely you should have known what he was talking about!!! LOL!

Like K8, I'm impressed he knows it exists!

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