Friday, February 02, 2007


Of the computer sort. A particularly nasty one from which I could not avert my eyes. In the middle of typing a post, my computer froze. And then, millimeter by millimeter, AOL started minimizing. Ctrl Alt Del did nothing to unfreeze it, so I switched it off.

And that was the end of that.

It will come on, but windows won't load. Mind you, this is a week after I lost my flash drive!

But, the dissertation chapters are saved elsewhere, so I didn't come apart at the seams... initially. I thought, well, it's still under warranty and, as this last chapter is due next week, not having a computer in the house might be a good thing.

Then it got serious. First of all, I can send it back to the company, but I have to have the stuff on my hard drive recovered/saved, because whatever they were going to do was going to wipe everything clean. So yesterday, I took it to the the Geek Squad at Best Buy and paid too much to back the hard drive up. And they won't have it back to me til Saturday, so I can't send it off til Monday probably.

Then, last night, I found myself sitting around glassy-eyed and shivering. What the hell could I do with myself?

Finally, the last damn straw--I got outbid at the last minute on e-bay for a sea lion I wanted for the Noah's Ark Baby Shower (all caps, that's how serious this is). We're decorating with pairs of animals and I have one Discovery Channel sea lion. I desperately wanted the other one, but someone outbid me!

So, now, I am perturbed (isn't that a horrible word? I'm quite perturbed by it). And my sister missed a late afternoon e-mail from her Curriculum Coordinator so she called this morning from work to tell me, "You can't send that computer off. Find out how much they'll charge just to fix it at Best Buy. I'll pay half." She's perturbed, too. Tempted as I was, I told her that would defeat the purpose of the warranty.

So here I am, having driven up to my university, jeopardizing my 11 am salon appointment, just to use the computer. I need an intervention. For real.


RageyOne said...

Oh, oh, so sorry to hear about your computer woes. I hope it gets back to your fairly quickly.

Kiki BE said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Do you know if your university has servies that can help fix your computer? When I was having problems with mine I found out that the technicians at school could fix it b/c it was under warranty. I didn't have to pay anything and got it back much quicker than if I sent it off to IBM.

The History Enthusiast said...

I hope everything works out ok!

elle said...

thanks guys. kiki, thanks for the idea, i'm going to look into it.

i just finished waiting in line for a computer at a public library and had to seriously squelch my attitude. it occurs to me that i am very spoiled.

Anonymous said...

i feel ya though, because i have been in dial up land here at home. and not having internet when you had it 24/7 is hard

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