Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm trying to catch up on everything!

The 47th edition of the History Carnival is up at one of my fay-voh-right places, Progressive Historians. I had to take a quick peek at David Parker's History Ain't What It Used to Be. For historians like me, that is an exceedingly good thing. :-)

The 16th edition of the Carnival against Sexual Violence is up at abysstohope. Some included posts:
In What we're really talking about posted at F-Words, we get a discussion about how the way we choose which rape victims to believe reflects on us and our assumptions about gender and power.
In EIGHT COMMON Myths ABOUT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE posted at Sadly Normal, we get an article that deals with beliefs which harm victims and survivors and allow perpetrators to pretend they are the real victims.
In Rape Blindness posted at Abyss2hope, I discuss a common definition of rape that only recognizes obvious force and ignores most rapes between people who know each other.
Please stop by and read.


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