Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What I've Been Doing

  1. First and foremost, being extraordinarily lazy. I realized Saturday that I didn't even put a bra on all day. TMI, but true.
  2. Going to high school basketball games in which the kids I taught in elementary school make up the teams. Reality Check!
  3. Accompanied best friend Louisiana, who's the cheerleader sponsor for my old high school, on a trip to take the cheerleaders to the mall. Since my 16 and 17 year old nieces are on the squad, I got to spend time annoying them.
  4. Reacquainting myself with Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and Ina Garten. Boy, do I have big plans for Christmas dinner--southern, sophisticated, and done in under 30 minutes. Oh, and using as many full pounds of real butter as possible.
  5. Grumbling and groaning and looking at my chapters to begin an exercise Advisor has asked me to complete.
  6. Interviewed the ESL co-ordinator for the parish and some parents with whom she works.
  7. Made plans to travel to another Texas city to visit archives that will (help) fill in the history of the union I'm studying. Dragging best friend Louisiana and my sister along, kicking and screaming. Apparently, I'm going to owe them big.
  8. Got my hair washed and set on big rollers. It's quite cute. I'm always amazed--the woman that does my hair here is usually finished in under two hours. The guy that does my hair in Texas takes at least four--we've become quite good friends because I share so much of my life with him.
  9. Being pleasantly annoyed by my parents. I can't explain that one.
  10. SHOPPING! And not even for myself **noted smugly.**


RageyOne said...

Kudos to you for shopping and not including yourself. I don't seem to have that ability. :~)

Do tell us what you decide to prepare out of those scrumptous sounding cookbooks. Butter, oh my!

Julie said...

it all sounds fabulous! glad that you are enjoying yourself :)

Gwyneth Bolton said...

All in under 30 minutes, huh? I miss being able to sit and watch Rachel Ray pull that off. I'm always amazed by it. You'll have to post and let us know how that goes. ;-)

And good luck with the writing and revising of those chapters. Don't forget to have some fun too... Well, once you stop being lazy. :-)


Abadiebitch said...

My husband loves Rachel Ray. I can either take her or leave her.

When do you think you will dive into that next chapter?

Have fun.

Courtney said...

a) I love Paula Deen. I love butter.
b) bra-less days are a joy. Although my guess is that I partake a little more often than you do (as it is slightly easier for me!)
c) yay for archives and interviews!
d) enjoy laziness and family annoyingness. You deserve it.

belledame222 said...

I go braless as much as possible. i'd do it all the time if it weren't for so-SI-uh-tee. and the occasional exercise wherein it'd be uncomfortable to go without.

Rachel Ray is terrifying.

elle said...

hey! i'm on a library computer in arlington that has a HIGH SPEED CONNECTION! so i had to say hi and that i've managed to read everyone's comments.

i'll be back in la tonite, then two to three days of manic shopping. so, if i don't "see" y'all in the next coupla days, happy holidays again!

Anonymous said...

i'm always braless at home! oh the joys, it is so liberating.

merry christmas.

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