Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ooh, Gwyn Gon' Get It!

Sometimes, as a black woman, there are issues you'd like to discuss, but you're a little hesitant. Cuz your mama told you about airing the extended family's dirty laundry. "Bite your lip," she said. And you do.
Initially, you can just bite down on one inside corner of the bottom one.
Then, you learn to draw the whole bottom one into your mouth and clamp down hard.
Then, you start folding them both in and compressing them until the area around your mouth turns a sickly shade.
And finally, you can't help it! Something slips out. And once it is open, you might get a little something like this:
Welcome and thank you for tuning in to the first annual Brotha Please Awards also known as the "boo, negro boo awards." I'm your host for this evening, Gwyneth Bolton, and tonight we'll be honoring three brothas who need to sit their behinds down and shut up. Now, I know that we shouldn't reward bad behavior. But we should have a way to call attention to these brothas in a way that serves to curb that kind of behavior in the future.

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Gwyneth Bolton said...

Thanks for the link! Here's to no longer biting our tongues!

Professing Mama said...

I *love* her. I know her academic work and have heard her speak, and she is great.

I also love that she has made her career the way she wants it to be.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Thanks, Prof Mama! Now I'm trying to figure out where you heard me speak... Thanks for the love!

Much love back at ya! -- Gwyneth

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