Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Updates on Overheard in the TA Office...

We have a pair of students in here right now who are too funny in their self-deprecation:

Student 1: I'm convinced I'm going to fail.
TA: Don't say that. Think positive.
Student 1: Okay, we are positive that if we combine our scores we might pass. (Hi-fives Student 2).

Student 2: Why do we have to have a test?
TA: I know; in a perfect world, there'd be no tests.
Student 1 (mumbling): In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to take history.

Student 1: You know how I remember Alexis de Tocqueville?
TA: How?
Student 1: I have to think of him as Alexis de TacoBell. Then I can remember. So what did Alexis de TacoBell think?
Student 2: Girl, please don't write that on the test.

(I missed 1st part of this)
TA: I can't imagine anyone in that era bustin' a cap-
Student 2: That's what Aaron Burr did!
Student 1: Busted a cap right up in Alexander Hamilton!

Student 1: The test is too long. Right about the middle, I start getting senioritis. I'm ready to graduate.
TA: Oh, you're a senior?
Student 2: Miss, she's a freshman.

Student 2: Can we talk about the 2/3 compromise?
TA: You mean the 3/5 compromise?
Student 2 pauses, does some calculations, then, "Dang, 3/5 is less than 2/3. We couldn't even get a 2/3 back then?"

I just had to record these right now--don't worry, despite the humor, they seem to have a pretty good grip on the stuff the TA is covering.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

That's too funny. At least they're in good humor and not the attitude-laced bottle of grump and ire that I'm dealing with this semester. LOL. Aaron Burr busted a cap in Alexander Hamilton... I guess whatever way they can remember the information is good. LOL.

elle said...

They were too cute, but they were ready for the test. I heard them telling the TA that one of them got an A, the other an A- on the first test.
The first girl suggested that, since they'd passed the first test, that grade just be tripled--no need to prove their test-taking skills anymore.

nubian said...

so cute!

ahh undergrad, i 'member those days.

on another note, this seems like ethnographic research. planning on using this for a larger project??

elle said...


you know i never think that far ahead!

Anonymous said...


especially sad though are the students from before and their "average" problems.

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